The Monarch: Saving our Most-Loved Butterfly Collection

The Monarch: Saving our Most-Loved Butterfly Collection

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From the back cover:
Not long ago, monarchs numbered in the billions, but in the last 20 years their population has dropped by 90%.

The good news: Today, a growing army of citizen scientists, students, and gardeners all over North America are engaged in restoring this beloved pollinator's habitat. In Kylee Baumle's book, you will learn the story of a magnificent butterfly, the perils it faces and what we can do to help. This beautifully illustrated book gives the most up-to-date information, fun facts, and projects for all ages-including:

  • How to become a citizen scientist
  • How to tag a monarch
  • How to create a monarch waystation in your backyard
  • How to raise a monarch at home

Collection includes four seed packets that are beneficial to the monarchs and mentioned in the book!

Zinnia Cut and Come Again
Common Milkweed
Echinacea Purple Coneflower

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