Kitchen Garden Gift Set

Kitchen Garden Gift Set

Item #4606

Microgreens and baby greens are not just for chef-inspired plates anymore-these nutrient powerhouses can grow right on your windowsill! Quick and easy to grow indoors, sow micro- and baby greens in successions for a continuous supply at your fingertips.

  • Herb Scissors - Harvest like a pro! Stainless steel blades detach for easy cleaning and sharpening.

  • Kitchen Garden Kit - Everything you need to grow microgreens and baby greens in a reusable and convenient, countertop growing kit.

  • Smoothie Mix Baby Greens - Add this perfect mix of nutrient and antioxidant packed baby greens to your any-time-of-day smoothies.

  • Superfoods Baby Greens - A beautiful blend of healthful veggie greens, high in glucosinolates, vitamins, and fiber; low in calories.

  • Ciao Bella Basil Blend Microgreens Organic - Hello beautiful! As the name suggests, this basil blend has attractive purple and green leaves with wonderful basil aroma and flavor.

  • Be Mellow Blend Microgreens Organic - Living up to its name, this mix gives a delicate flavor boost to all types of cuisine.

  • $10 Gift Certificate - For future online or mail-in orders.

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