Bountiful Baby Greens Collection

Bountiful Baby Greens Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4567

Grow these nutrient-rich powerhouses quickly and easily right in your kitchen, in our new Kitchen Garden Kit. Discover new ways to enjoy your greens! Harvest at 2"-4", then add these tiny, tasty delights to anything from salads to smoothies.

Includes 7 baby greens varieties!

Baby Greens Apple Blossom Swiss Chard Blend Organic (12 grams)
Baby Greens Arugula Organic (3 grams)
Baby Greens Market Day Mesclun Lettuce Organic (6 grams)
Baby Greens Red Russian Kale Organic (6 grams)
Baby Greens Smoothie Mix (15 grams)
Baby Greens Superfoods Blend (12 grams)
Baby Greens Spinach (10 grams)

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