Beneficial Insect Welcome Seed Collection

Beneficial Insect Welcome Seed Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4554

The flowers and herbs in this collection attract hoverflies, lacewings, ladybugs, and parasitic wasps. Plant them in and around the vegetable garden to help to keep pests in check.

(A) Chervil (Apiaceae) (1 Gram) - MIDSEASON
(A) Cilantro/Coriander Organic (Apiaceae) (3 Grams) - MIDSEASON
(A) Dill Bouquet Organic (Apiaceae) (3 Grams) - LATE
(P) Alyssum Basket of Gold (Brassicaceae) (300 Mg) - EARLY
(A) Alyssum Sweet Allure Pastel Blend (Brassicaceae) (100 Mg) - EARLY
(A) Bishop's Flower White Lace (Apiaceae) (500 Mg) - MIDSEASON
(P) Lavender English Tall (Lamiaceae) (250 Mg) - MIDSEASON
(A) Marigold Signet Lemon/Tangerine Gem (Asteracea) (150 Mg)- MID-LATE
(A) Zinnia Thumbelina (Asteracea) (1 Gram)- EARLY-MID-LATE

A=Annual P=Perennial
(Bloom time indicated in capital letters)

*Please note that substitutions may apply.

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