Bean Bush Filet French Filet Seeds

Bean Bush Filet French Filet Seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris

Item #0228

58 days. These delicate French filet beans are no longer a luxury item found only in gourmet restaurants. You can enjoy their superb, tender flavor fresh from your garden all summer long. Filet (or as the French say, "haricot verts") are slender beans. They are juicy and delicious when picked pencil-thin at only 1/4" in diameter and 41/2" long. Steam or sauté for just a minute and enjoy. Easy and delicious.

This packet sows three 9-foot rows.

Seedling Image

Days to Emerge:
4 - 10 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
1 seed every

Row Spacing:

Not required

When to sow outside: RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks after average last frost, and when soil temperatures are 65°F or warmer. Successive Sowings: Every 7 to 14 days up to 60 days before first fall frost. NOTE: In very hot summer areas, sow as recommended above but skip the heat of summer as daytime temperatures consistently above 90°F will cause bean flowers to drop off (no bean formation).

When to start inside: Not recommended

Harvesting: French filet beans should be harvested when beans are 1/4" wide and about 4"-5" long. Do not allow pods to get as wide as a regular snap bean. Hold stem with one hand, and the pod with the other hand to avoid pulling off branches, which may continue to produce. Harvesting early and often will stimulate flower production for more beans. At season's end, plants are great compost material, if not diseased.

Artist: Jackie McFarland

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